Kangen Alkaline Water

There are various types of water in the world, however we proudly assure that Kangen Water™ is unique and truly beneficial for your body. We hope that you can improve your health with Kangen Water™. You can maintain a healthy lifestyle utilizing all five of our waters described below.

True Health is not only maintained through the water we consume but with all the water we use in our daily lives...water for drinking, cooking, personal care, general cleansing and sanitation. We invite you to join our happy human network of True Health and experience the many uses of Kangen Water.

Our goal is always to achieve optimal True Health ! The purpose of Kangen Water is to activate cells. It is now accepted that active oxygen is a cause of many illnesses and Kangen Water offers immediate benefits by removing unnecessary active oxygen from one's system because of its strong oxidation reduction potential (ORP). Most supermarket waters have a positive ORP while Kangen Water has a negative ORP. This is the type of water that offers True Health benefits!

Here is a quick description of our 5 waters:

Clean Water (TM) (pH of 7) - Effectively filters water by reducing unpleasant chlorine odors, lead, rust and other impurities. Especially recommended for use with medicines, supplements and the preparation of baby formula.

Kangen Water (TM) (pH 8.0 - 9.5) - Effects a significant reduction in oxidization. Therefore, providing healthy water that is great for drinking, for preparing tea and other healthy drinks and for cooking.

Strong Kangen Water (TM) (pH 11 and up) - Has a slightly higher pH than regular Kangen Water and is important for many uses. It is ideal for washing vegetables, meat and fish. It is also used for general cleaning of stove tops, cutting boards, knives and dishes; good for cleaning bathrooms and removing stubborn stains.

Acidic Water (pH 5.5 - 6.5) - Is used for enhanced health of one's skin; use in place of lotion. It tones and firms the skin while performing as an astringent. It is a natural beauty product.

Strong Acidic Water (pH 2.7 or less) - Is great for sanitation...washing hands, sterilizing kitchen-ware; use in restaurants, hospitals and other institutional type facilities.